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  • Police crackdown on festive drink-driving
    December 20 2008

    Each year the Police make a big effort to stop as many drink drivers as they can during the Christmas period. This year has been no different, reports are saying that more than 110 drivers being arrested on suspicion...

  • Pubs and bars use battle drink-driving with free fruit juice
    December 09 2008

    Pubs & clubs in Angus are being urged to offer free or reduced priced soft drinks in order to try and help prevent drink driving. All venues which participate in the scheme will offer cheap or free juices to...

  • Can your ipod tell if your too drunk to drive with iBreath?
    December 08 2008

    A company has now released a new accessory for the ipod call “The iBreath Breathalyser”, which is now on sale in the UK for £55. The iBreath said to work with ipods and iphones allows the user to take...

  • Driver fined and banned for drink driving offense
    November 07 2008

    A driver from Hamilton was found to be more than two-times over the drink-drive limit, has been fined and disqualified from driving. The driver in question was caught on the 4th of October 2008 with 83 microgrammes of alcohol per 100...

  • Woman charged with drink driving after accident on M27
    November 04 2008

    A motorist has been charged with a drink driving offence after being involved in an accident on the M27. The accident which brought the M27 to a halt was caused when the driver crashed into the central reservation...

  • Random breath tests for drivers
    October 18 2008

    It has been reported in the media today that drivers could soon be breathalysed at random and anyone even close to the limit will stand a much greater chance of being convicted. This all comes about under new...

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