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  • Learners in Britain would rather learn from their mum and dad
    March 16 2009

    When i read this, i must admit it took me by surprise, i cant think of anything worse than being taught to drive by my Mum or Dad. Well ok that’s probably a little harsh but you...

  • Illegal driving instructor receives a suspended sentence
    February 20 2009

    A man was sentenced today at Stoke Crown Court for pretending to be an approved driving instructor and in the process conning thousands of pounds from various learner drives. The man advertised his illegal driving lesson service form...

  • Driving school offers free driving lesson
    December 14 2008

    I noticed a blog post from a driving school offering a Free Driving Lesson. The Blue School of Motoring are offering new students their first Hour Driving Lesson Free. You can contact them on the following: website: www...

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