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  • Korean Woman Fails Driving Test 775 Times
    February 22 2009

    A woman from North Korea has been reported to have failed her driving test 775 times (yes that’s seven hundred and seventy five times). The 68-year-old woman from South Korea called Cha has been trying to pass her...

  • Theory driving test impersonator gets 15 months prison sentence
    February 20 2009

    A man was sentenced to 15 months in prison following a long investigation by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). The man in question was sentenced at Luton Crown Court, at a previous hearing the court had heard that he...

  • Driving test fees set to rise?
    October 27 2008

    The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has launched a consultation of their new proposed fee structure for 2009. The fees for practical and theory driving tests is set to rise for people who have tests booked on or after the 3...

  • Bradford has the lowest pass rate
    October 18 2008

    A driving test centre in Bradford has according to a new survey “the lowest pass rate in the country”. The latest figures from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) revealed that less than a third of learner drivers passed...

  • Harder to pass your driving test in London?
    October 14 2008

    According to an article on “this is London” the answer is yes, they reported that learner drivers in London face much tougher examinations in order to pass their driving test than the rest of the country. The article...

  • DSA issues severe warning for driving test impersonators
    August 16 2008

    Today the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) issued a severe warning to all impersonators who sit driving tests for others. The DSA has stated that their actions will be monitored and impersonators will face prosecution with tough sentencing by...

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