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  • Thinking of becoming a driving instructor? Dont believe the hype!
    March 16 2009

    There has been a lot of news in the press over the last few months warning people against Unscrupulous driving instructor schools which are taking advantage of people who have been made redundant or have been hit hard...

  • Learners in Britain would rather learn from their mum and dad
    March 16 2009

    When i read this, i must admit it took me by surprise, i cant think of anything worse than being taught to drive by my Mum or Dad. Well ok that’s probably a little harsh but you...

  • Credit Crunch hits driving instructors
    December 10 2008

    According to a recent news article driving instructors across Calderdale are having to take part-time jobs in order to survive as the credit crunch takes a-hold. Its believed that fewer people are taking lessons at the moment when...

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