Taking your theory test

The theory driving test is taken on a computer based system, the first part is a touchscreen based test, and consists of a series of multiple choice questions.  The second part of the test is used to test of your hazard perception skill and a computer mouse is used in this part of the test.

You must pass both parts of the theory driving test, if you fail one part then you fail the whole test.  If you fail any part of the theory driving test you will need to retake both parts of the test, not just the part you failed.  You can not take the practical driving test until you have passed the theory driving test.

The questions in the first part of the test will vary depending on what vehicle you’re hoping to obtain a licence for.  For example there will be some specific questions in the motorcycle theory test that wont appear in other theory tests.

The second part of the theory test will remain the same for all vehicles, however the pass mark given for each vehicle test is different.

Part one of the theory driving test – multiple choice

Before the test starts you should be given full instructions on how the test works.

At the start of the test you will be given the option of doing some practice multiple choice questions in order to get used to the test. Once you have completed the practice questions the real test will start.

The test works like most multiple choice tests in that a question and several possible answers will appear on the screen.  For each question you then need to select the correct answer by touching the touch screen. Some questions in the test may require you to select more than one answer.

Theory Test Details

Vehicle No. of questions Test Length Pass Mark
Car 50 57 mins 43 out of 50
Motorcycle 50 57 mins 43 out of 50
Lorry 100 115 mins 85 out of 100
Bus 100 115 mins 85 out of 100

While taking the test you can “flag” questions that you get stuck on or are unsure of and come back to those questions later.  Once you have completed part one of the test you will have an option to have a small break (up to 3 minutes) before you start part 2 of the test.

Part two of the theory driving test – hazard perception

At the start of the second part of the test you will then be shown a short video clip to explain how the hazard perception part of the test works.

The hazard perception part of the test is taken using a computer but you take it using a mouse rather than a touch screen. You will be shown a series of video clips (currently 14), the video clips show every day road scenes. In each video clip shown there are at least 1 hazard,  but 1 clip will feature 2 hazards.

To achieve a high score you’ll need to spot the hazard as early on it its development as you can, this means that all hazards develop gradually and the sooner you spot it and respond the higher score you get for that hazard.  The maximum score you can achieve on an individual hazard is 5.

Unlike the multiple choice part of the test you can “flag” answers and return to them you only have one chance to respond to each of the hazards.

Vehicle No. of videos Pass Mark
Car 14 44 out of 75
Motorcycle 14 44 out of 75
Lorry 19 67 out of 100
Bus 19 67 out of 100

End of the theory driving test – what now?

Once you have completed the second part of the test, the test is now over, you will then be asked if you would like to take a short customer survey. You don’t have to answer the survey questions and your probably a little sick of questions are this point.  If you do decide to answer the questions then remember that all information given is anonymous and will remain confidential its also worth remembering that answer the survey questions wont affect the result of the test (for better or worse).

Hooray the test is now over and you may leave the examination room,  you will be given your results once you have left the room.  If you took the lorry or bus theory driving test then you will receive a pass certificate letter by post, once you have passed the test of course.